Advertising devices – the BIG QUESTION MARK over LED signs

Have you noticed all of the LED signs springing up around Cairns? Did you know that a lot of that signage is non-conforming and does NOT have the necessary permits and approvals? Is it possible that it is a contentious issue? OR is it really just that businesses and stakeholders don’t have clarity about what sort of signage is suitable and when Cairns Regional Council (‘Council’) can support these ‘Advertising Devices’. Whether Council likes it or not, there is going to be a time when compliance/enforcement becomes a real issue and the approach to dealing with future ‘Advertising Devices’ across …read more

Is Cairns running out of land for development? Delivering Density to the Cairns region.

It seems pretty hard to think that Cairns is running out of suitable land for efficient and affordable urban development, but that is just what is likely to happen in Cairns as our population increases and people from down south realise just how great the Cairns lifestyle can be. I recently attended the Queensland State UDIA Conference in Brisbane with some colleagues and it was clear that the development industry and government continue to grapple with the challenges of future growth and delivery of affordable housing. The conference was officially opened by Deputy Premier Jackie Trad, where we were regaled …read more

Changes to the Planning Industry – New Planning Legislation (Queensland)

On Monday 3 July 2017, the Queensland Government rolled out a new suite of legislation to manage development in Queensland. The new Planning Act 2016 (the ‘PA’) is notably smaller and more compact than its predecessor, being less than half its size, but there will be several changes implemented that affect how development is considered and assessed throughout the State, including: The removal of automatic extensions by the Assessment Manger and Referral Agencies during project review; Reduced timeframes for Information Requests; New Decision Rules (Bounded Assessment); and The removal of rolling currency provisions. Removal of automatic extensions The biggest and …read more