Fabcot (Woolworths Gordonvale)

(Local Government: Cairns Regional Council)

Urban Sync was invited to review the past development approvals issued by P&E Court approval in 2012 and contributed to a strategy for the transition to a Development Permit. The permit would include updated design plans for the construction of shopping facilities, a service station, and fast food outlet at Gordonvale, Cairns.

The strategy involved coordinating the client’s particular budget and development requirements to update all approvals both with Cairns Regional Council and the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

The application was prepared to the highest standards and with negotiation, the project was approved in under 6 months with conditions to the client’s satisfaction.

Fabcot (Woolworths Gordonvale)

Location: Gordonvale
Project Type: Development Permit
Customer: Fabcot