Medcare Pty Ltd

(Local Government: Cairns Regional Council)

Our client was seeking to modify the existing development approval over the site located at 121 Sheridan Street, Cairns. The site had the benefit of an approval for the establishment of ‘Business Facilities’ however, our client was seeking support from Cairns Regional Council to an extension to the rear of the existing building, to support their business operations and to address financing prior to construction.

A ‘Permissible Change’ to the Decision Notice granted by Cairns Regional Council was made and took into consideration past approvals over the site.

Due to the site’s location on Sheridan Street, the request also triggered a referral to the State Department of Transport and Main Roads which formed part of the negotiations. Key planning issues included consistency with the Cairns Planning Scheme, car parking and access to the site due to the location along Sheridan Street and infrastructure requirements being the location of an electrical padmount.


Medcare Pty Ltd

Location: 121 Sheridan Street, Cairns
Project Type: Development Approval
Customer: Medcare Pty Ltd