Value Homes - 116 Callaghan Street, Mooroobool

(Local Government: Cairns Regional Council)

This project was a co-operative project that included inputs from Value Homes, Urban Sync, and JB Design to create a townhouse development suitable as an investment property at 116 Callaghan Street, Mooroobool, Cairns.

This project included the construction of two (2) detached parent buildings, which comprising two (2) x four (4) bedroom unit dwellings, totalling to a maximum of four (4) townhouse-style unit dwellings over the entire site. Each dwelling has access to their own private covered parking areas, lockable storage, and indoor and outdoor living areas.

The concept has been purposefully designed to strongly embody the development intentions of the Cairns planning scheme where land presents an opportunity to cater for development at high densities, allowing for a smooth development assessment process and to align with current market conditions for unit investment properties.

This project was approved by Cairns Regional Council in December 2015. With dedication from all parties involved, from preliminary design works, through the development assessment phase, to finalisation of construction where keys were handed to the client, it was completed in just over a year.

Value Homes - 116 Callaghan Street, Mooroobool

Urban Sync was engaged to provide inputs and services for a Residential townhouse development suitable as an investment property.

Location: 116 Callaghan Street, Mooroobool
Project Type: Material Change of Use
Customer: Value Homes Pty Ltd